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Welcome to J Kilpatricks Bird Seeds.

J Kilpatricks bird seeds are one of the UK and Irelands leading suppliers of Wild bird seeds and poultry feed. Our years of experience have helped us become one of the leading brands of bird feed on the market.

J Kilpatricks bird seeds provide the finest quality feed for both domestic and wild varieties. Our products and service have earned us universal approval with specialist breeders and amateur enthusiasts alike. Please browse our website and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and twitter for updates and information.

About Us.

J Kilpatricks bird seeds have been operating since 1906 and since their very beginning their name has been a mainstay for those 'in the know' when it comes to high quality bird feeds.

The Kilpatricks brand was folded into the Moneymore Supplies family as a worthwhile asset to their business portfolio. This new alliance added the expertise of J Kilpatricks bird seeds to Moneymore supplies already great skill set but also allowed Moneymore Supplies to rejuvenate a great name in bird seeds and ensure that it survived into the next century. J Kilpatricks bird seeds are one of the UK and Irelands largest producers of mixed bird seeds for wild birds, domestic breeds, poultry and pigeon. Through the combined experience of J Kilpatricks bird seeds and our parent company Moneymore Supplies, we have blended a specific range of specially formulated bird seeds to achieve the best possible results for their intended use. We always source ingredients locally where possible and these MUST be GM Free at all times.

"Locally Sourced where possible and GM Free ingredients at all times!"

With the recent hard winters and their impact on the wild bird population in the UK and Ireland J Kilpatricks bird seeds have created a range of wild bird seeds to specifically provide the nutrients that our varieties of wild birds need to survive in their natural habitat. J Kilpatricks bird seeds have worked hard to develop its wild bird seed product range to provide a tailored dietary product for the UK and Irelands varieties of wild bird whilst still offering quality and value for money to the people who act as voluntary custodians to our wild bird population.

J Kilpatricks have expanded its business to sell its products online so that it is easily accessible to all. We use our own shop website, eBay and Amazon as our method of reaching the public as we believe they show our company emphasis on good reputation. These online vendors have well established and secure procedures which offer the buyer and seller great piece of mind. We believe our reputation is our greatest asset and that we must ensure that our products are easily accessible and secure. We hope your experience with J Kilpatricks Bird Seeds is a happy one and hope that our products meet your expectations.

Black Minerals & Poultry Grits

J Kilpatricks have also been a long time manufacturer of Black Minerals and Poultry Grits. Our unique position has been established through the quality of our minerals and grit with experience in pigeon racing. The company continues to maintain close contact with the fancy and provide valuable advice on our products. It is our policy to provide a quality product to keep pigeons healthy and with the knowledge that our success relies on our customers loyalty to our products and their dedication to keep their birds in their peak condition. You can find a wide span of outlets across the UK and Ireland who supply these Black Minerals & poultry Grits on our behalf, but if you have trouble finding a store locally please do not hesitate to contact us or you may buy direct from our online store.


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